Schoolies Festival

Schoolies Festival™ Victor Harbor – November 20 – 22, 2020

2020 Official “Partner Accommodation Provider” for Schoolies Festival™

Bookings now open. Booking link at the bottom of this page.

Please Note- The park is not taking any direct bookings. All bookings will need to be made from the Encounter Youth Website or via the link at the bottom of this page that will be added on the 28th of January.

The Victor Harbor Holiday and Cabin Park will once again be one of the major hosts for the 2020 Schoolies Festival in Victor Harbor from Friday 20 November to Monday 22 November 2020. If you’re finishing Year 12 in 2020 and planning to join in the fun at Victor Harbor, get your mates together and come and celebrate schoolies with us!

We are only a 15-20 minute walk into the centre of Victor Harbor and the Warland Reserve where most of the Schoolies events and activities take place in November each year.

Bookings can be made online from our website (link at bottom of the page), or from the Encounter Youth website.

As a partner accommodation provider of the Schoolies Festival™, Victor Harbor Holiday and Cabin Park opens exclusively to current, Year 12 students for them to stay and enjoy their end-of-school celebrations.

With large numbers of young people on site, we do everything we can to ensure our schoolies guests have a great time in a safe environment. This includes:

  • Provision of round the clock security personnel
  • Gated access
  • On-site St John First Aid Centre
  • On-site “Green Team”
  • Regular patrols by SAPOL

These services, including access to the Schoolies Festival itself, are included in our fees.

Please read the following booking conditions prior to reserving your site/accommodation as they will be strictly enforced, and you will be required to agree to them at the time of submitting your booking request.

Accommodation Options

There will be bookings available for a maximum of 1700 Year 12 students.

Unpowered campsites are 8m x 8m in size and accommodate up to 10 guests per site and powered campsites are 10m x 8m in size and accommodate up to 12 guests per site. If camping isn’t your thing, there are also heaps of other options. If there’s only one person you’re intending on sharing with, there are Granite cabins available with a maximum capacity of 2 guests. Alternatively the Rosetta cabins accommodate 4 guests and the other cabins will take 6 guests.

Costs below are per person for 3 nights including your 3-day Schoolies Festival™ 2020 ticket.

  • Powered Site (Min 8, Max 12) – $387.00
  • Unpowered Site (Min 6, Max 10) – $344.00
  • Murray/Newlands Cabins (6 Guests) – $610.00*must have 6 guests 
  • Hindmarsh Cabin (5 Guests) – $610.00*must have 5 guests 
  • Yilki, Granite, Coorong and Encounter Cabins (6 Guests) – $590.00*must have 6 guests 
  • Granite Cabin (8 guests) – $590.00*must have 8 guests 
  • Granite Cabin (5 guests) – $590.00*must have 5 guests
  • Granite Cabin (2 guests) – $590.00*must have 2 guests
  • Rosetta/ Granite Cabins (4 Guests) – $590.00*must have 4 guests 
  • Budget Cabins (Min 3, Max 4) – $570.00*must have min 3 guests

If your application is successful, you can choose to:

  1. a) Pay the amount in 3 instalments:
  • Application– $49 (+ booking fee) per person application fee upon completion of application (refunded if unsuccessful).
  • Deposit– 50% (+ booking fee) of Schoolies Festival™ 2020 accommodation and ticket package cost due 10 March 2020. (Note: $49 application fee included in this 50%).
  • Final Payment – remaining 50% (+ booking fee) of Schoolies Festival™ 2020 accommodation and ticket package cost due 20 October 2020.


  1. b) Pay Full Balance (less Application) 
  • Application– $49 (+ booking fee) application fee upon completion of application (refunded if unsuccessful).
  • Full Balance– Total of Schoolies Festival™ 2020 accommodation and ticket package less the application fee ($49 + booking fee)

A cash bond will need to be paid on arrival, this will be returned at the end of the weekend unless the site fails to meet the required standard than the bonds will be withheld.

Refund Policy

  • Bookings cancelled after 9 March will be non-refundable (guest substitution is permitted)
  • Bookings cancelled prior to the 9 March will be refunded less an admin fee of $50;
  • Bookings are accepted based on a specific number of guests per site. The number of guests per booking is not able to be altered. Individual cancellations will not be accepted or refunded, however guests may opt to find a replacement. For any changes to the guests listed on the booking the student wanting to transfer their package will need to request a transfer request form via email at Any changes to the guests on the booking must be made by 20 October 2020. NO changes will be accepted after this time. If final payment/full balance is not made by the 20th of October 2020 you will forfeit your Schoolies Festival™ Accommodation and Ticket Package with no refund for prior payments.

Check in

  • Check-in slots will be allocated prior to arrival. These will be between 8am and 4pm for sites and 2pm and 4pm for cabins. Check-in will only be granted to groups at their allocated time-slot.
  • All guests must check in as an entire group and pay the applicable cash bond;
  • Any guests wishing to check in individually without their group or wishing to check in outside of the Reception hours on Friday will only be accepted with prior approval and provided the remainder of the group has paid the site bond. The Group Leader can organise these alternate arrangements by emailing up to one week prior;
  • Wrist bands permitting entry into the park and the Schoolies Festival™ will be provided and fitted at check-in and must be worn to remain within the park or enter the Festival. There will be NO replacement bands offered; please look after these carefully;
  • All guests will be required to produce current student ID on arrival. If a guest is unable to provide a current student ID, they simply will not be granted entry into the park. A current student ID is the only form of acceptable identification to obtain entry to the park. If you leave school during the year, or have left the year prior, you will not be deemed to be a current year 12 student and will be refused entry;
  • Sites and cabins will be allocated by the park and are unable to be confirmed prior;
  • Vehicles are only permitted to remain in the park upon payment of a $20.00 fee which will cover 1 vehicle per site for the 3-day duration. This is payable on check-in.

Check Out

  • All Schoolies must be ready for check out from 8am on Monday 22 November 2020;
  • Site inspections will be held between 8am and 10am on Monday morning. Where the site or accommodation fails to meet the required standard, bonds will be withheld. The onus is on the Group Leader to ensure that they have the site inspected prior to the groups departure if they want their bond refunded. In the event that an inspection is not undertaken then the bond will not be refunded. Bonds will be refunded on the departure day only.
  • In the event that damage to a site or accommodation is over and above the value of the bond payment, the park will invoice the Group Leader for additional reimbursement to the value of the costs of repairs;
  • Once a park team member has completed the inspection, guests can then check out. All guests will need to depart the park by 11am;
  • All sites are required to be cleaned of bottles, cans and rubbish by 10am each day. Failure to do so may result in loss of bonds.


  • Security will be patrolling the park around the clock for the duration of the weekend;
  • The park will be fully fenced, with access only available from the front of the park near the Security station. Only Schoolies guests registered with the park with wristbands and ID will be able to access the park;
  • Parents are more than welcome to accompany Schoolies guests to their sites to set up on Friday and for pick up on Monday morning;
  • The park will be closed to regular holiday guests;
  • The Green Team will be set up on site and will be available throughout the duration of the event to provide information and support;
  • For Schoolies’ safety, our Swimming Pool, Jumping Pillow and Camp Kitchens will be off limits and not accessible to guests;
  • Guests will have access to BBQs and amenities blocks;
  • A range of take-away food options can be purchased onsite from the onsite food caravan;
  • St Johns will be set-up onsite for the duration of the event for anyone requiring minor first aid through-out the event;
  • Please note that furniture (couches, arm chairs etc) are not permitted to be bought into the park.
  • Only guests registered to stay in cabin accommodation will be allowed in their allocated cabin. Security will monitor this in their regular patrols;
  • No linen is provided in cabins. You will need your own sheets and towels. No outdoor furniture will be provided to cabin decks due to damage in previous years. Guests are welcome to bring their own furniture, but it must be removed at the end of the stay.
  • Guests exhibiting behaviour that is inconsistent with ensuring a safe and comfortable weekend for all guests will be asked to leave the park;
  • Please note the following items are prohibited from the park

(Bags and cars will be checked by Security for these items on check-in)-:

  • No glass is allowed within the park over the weekend (any glass, including sealed glass bottles, will be confiscated by Security and or park staff);
  • Illegal drugs are strictly banned from the park. SAPOL will have regular inspections during the weekend and anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave;
  • No gas bottles, heat beads and any open fires/flames;
  • No beer bongs are permitted within the park

Any guest in breach of the above terms of stay will be asked to leave the park immediately.

In addition to the fees above, a $200.00 per site cash bond and a $500.00 per cabin cash bond will be payable on check-in.
Please do not direct enquiries to the park, all enquiries to or phone 0482 043 943

Please Note- The park is not taking any direct bookings. All bookings will need to be made from the Encounter Youth Website or via the link at the bottom of this page that will be added on the 28th of January.

2020 Schoolies Bookings Now Open


How do you book for Victor Harbor Schoolies Festival?

The Victor Harbor Holiday and Cabin Park is one of the major hosts for the Schoolies Festival in Victor Harbor. If you’re planning to join in the fun at Victor Harbor, get your mates together and come and celebrate schoolies with us! Visit this link for all the details.

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